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Water Treatment

Water Treatment Accessories

ACCESSORIES & SUPPLEMENTS FOR WATER TREATMENT Mixers Peristaltic and Pneumatic Pumps Probes and pH Controllers Plastics Deposits Hdpe Cal milk preparation Polymer Preparators Oil Separators Filtering Sreens & Plates Coniex

Water Filtration

WATER FILTRATION The Filtration is made by Filters-Presses that were introduced by the nineteenth century and were used for many years mainly in the separation of sludge served. They were considered labour-intensive machines, and therefore not found much acceptance in the process industries sophisticated and highly automated. This...


DECANTING Decanting is done from Effluent Decanter, type Thickeners or Vertical Silos.Both are based in detaching the solids continuously that are found in suspension in the effluents. These decanters are projected and manufactured according to each necessity. In both applications, its operation consists in receiving the matter to decanter...

Chemical Products

CHEMICAL PRODUCTS FOR WATER TREATMENT   POLYMERS (FLOCCULANTS) The polymers ( flocculants ) are ideal to use as reactive in the sedimentation for wastewater treatment with or without adding an inorganic reactive. These products can be also used as sedimentation or reactive in the centrifugal process to minerals concentrate or floating...